Ways To Reduce Your Stress

stress21We all encounter stress on a daily basis, you can do simple things to reduce your stress, here are a few things I do.

1)  Eat foods that give your body vital Nutrients.

Try asparagus (high in folate), avocado (rich in glutathione), berries (good sources of vitamin C), and cashews (good source of zinc).

2)  Take a few minutes to breathe deeply.

Sit or stand up straight, empty your lungs completely, then, starting in your belly and moving up into your chest, fill your lungs completely. Breathe out slowly and start again 10 times.

3)  Laugh.

Look up your favorite laugh-out-loud video.  Laughter releases endorphins, which help improve mood.

4)  Listen to Music.

Whether you prefer the soothing sounds of slow jazz or the upbeat tunes of the world’s newest pop star, listening to music you enjoy can help mellow your mood.

5)  Take a walk.

Exercise has long been prescribed as an Rx for relieving stress.  Try walking to and around a local park, or find a mountain trail and be one with nature for an hour or two.

My W.E.A.L.T.H Program goes beyond weight management and into the realm of lifelong wellness and vitality.

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