There’s no doubt about it: your eating habits will either make or break your diet. What’s the point of eating healthier foods to help you lose weight if you’re still consuming some of the unhealthy foods and large portions that caused you to gain weight in the first place? You must find a balance if you are to improve your meal plan so your health can improve as well.

Let’s go over four ways you can improve your eating habits, starting today…

1. Smaller portions. First, on the list will come as no surprise. If you want to lose weight or treat conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, you’re going to have to eat smaller overall portions. Whether it’s for fat loss or lower blood sugar levels, you have to consume fewer calories particularly those that come from processed foods high in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.

2. Prepare how much you want to eat, then split your meal in half. When preparing your meal, set aside the portion size you want to eat. Then, once your meal is cooked, and you are ready to set it on a plate, split your total portion in half, and save to eat the following day. You’ll be eating a smaller portion than usual which ties into the first point on this list. By doing this, you’ll see how much you want to eat almost always is more than how much you need to eat.

3. Eat slowly, without distractions. There’s a high chance you’ve heard before that eating slowly is better for your digestion. Well, it’s true. When you eat fast, you don’t give your body a chance to tell you’ve had enough to eat. You’ll get full before you realize it. Ever feel sick or rundown after eating a heavy meal? Case in point.

Additionally, whenever you can, endeavor to eat without any distractions. That means no watching TV or browsing the Internet on your smartphone. Pay attention to your meal. Otherwise, you risk overeating, raising your blood sugar levels and gaining body weight.

4. Sacrifice a guilty pleasure. Finally, learn to sacrifice some of your guilty pleasures. It doesn’t have to be forever. But if you want to succeed in your endeavor to control your blood sugar and lower your body weight, you must be willing to surrender some treats you enjoy eating if they’re not the healthiest options. Ice cream, for instance, is fundamentally dangerous to anyone with Type 2 diabetes, especially those looking to have stable blood sugar levels.

Give up your favorite vice for a month or two. Once you make some sound progress, treat yourself briefly before getting back to work.

No matter how super you think a particular food is, it’s a guarantee it’s infinitely more satisfying to have healthy blood sugar levels, be lean and not affected by diabetic complications.


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