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Organizing your home can be at time’s overwhelming.  Here are a few tips that I found that may help.

1) For 21 days designate one spot for your keys when not in use. This will create a habit and ensure you never waste time searching for your keys again
2) Create a specific place for each type of information (ie a specific tray for homework to review and sign, a folder or tray for bills to pay and a place for receipt’s) it will make things easier to find
3) Keep a “to donate” box in the house, if something is not functional, beautiful and enjoyable for you right now donate it, if it can’t be donated throw it out!
4) Create defined zones in your home. If will help you identify where items belong and where to put them back when you are done with them
5) Keep a basket on each level of the house. If something is out of place, put it in the basket to return it to its correct place at the end of the day
6) Sort coupons by month of expiry rather than by product category
7) On garbage night do a quick sweep through your fridge to clean out any expired of wilted food. Organize the shelves and drawers as you go
8) In your closet put all the hangers going one way, when you wear a piece of clothing return it in the closet with the hanger going the other way. You will be able to see what clothing you haven’t worn. Check every 6 months and donate those clothes you haven’t worn.
9) If it takes less than 30 seconds DO It.

Happy organizing!!

Wishing you good health and happiness!



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