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NAFLD is a Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and has become a very basic cause of chronic liver disease. This has a bad impact on your health. It can also lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer. Our liver does many vital functions of the body like repairing and renewing. Hence, it is essential to reverse NAFLD at a very early stage.

The disease of the Liver can be very serious that needs proper treatment with monitoring from a specialist. You have to be aware of liver disease to be treated as early as possible. This process helps in the prevention of cirrhosis, failure or liver cancer. Thus, to do this get your liver functions annually checked with a blood test.

Fatty liver happens when there is excess fat accumulated in the liver cells. Thus, in this case, the normal and healthy liver tissues re-replaced by fatty tissue. The fat attacks the liver very gradually and destroys it. Fatty liver looks yellow and greasy and is also enlarged or swollen with loads of fat. It can slow the metabolism of your body fat stores that can burn less fat and start gaining weight.

Causes Of Fatty Liver:

This can be caused due to various reasons like improper diet, gain in weight (yo-yo Dieting), obesity, consuming loads of alcohol or diabetes. There can also be other reasons like malnourishment, metabolic disorders or due to excessive intake of pain killers.

Effects Of A Fatty Liver:

If you are suffering from Fatty Liver, there are certain things to remember for easy identification of symptoms. Fatty liver can be extremely risky to your health and lead to serious complications liken liver damage, liver cancer, and organ damage. The other effects of fatty liver diseases are:

  •  Feeling unwell,
  •  Excess fatigue
  •  Overweight
  •  Elevated liver enzymes.
  •  Weight gain in abdominal area
  •  Can’t  lose weight
  •  Increase in cholesterol or triglyceride levels
  •  Nausea
  •  Indigestion
  •  Overheating body
  •  Excessive sweat
  •  Red and itchy eyes
  •  Discomfort of liver area

Can Fatty Liver Be Cured Completely?

If you are diagnosed with a simple Non-Alcoholic fatty liver, it is possible to reverse the symptoms completely at an early stage. Making simple lifestyle changes can effectively help in reducing the fatty liver. The main aspect to consider is to lose weight. This can be done by reducing fatty and starchy food. Inculcating a healthy exercise regime can also help in reversing the fatty liver.

How To Reduce Fatty Liver:

1. Consume Less Carbohydrate:

Bad and improper diet can be the key to fatty liver disease. Thus, it is must to avoid sugar and the foods of white flour. A proper intake of the carbohydrate-rich foods also promotes fatty liver, since the liver can convert excess carbohydrate in fat.

2. Consume Less Amount Of Alcohol: 

Alcohol consumption in the more quantity is 2nd biggest reason for fatty liver. Alcohol tends to have inflammation by damaging the liver cells. This results in any fatty infiltration. Patients that have fatty liver must lower the intake of alcohol consumption up to 7 standard drinks in a week.

3. Include Vegetables, Fruits, Protein And Good Fats In Your Diet:

Vegetables and fruits that are raw are considered the best to heal fatty liver. They are useful to   cleanse and also repair any liver filter. This also ensures to trap and also remove excess fat and the toxins from your bloodstream. Consume loads of vegetables that are cooked as well as in raw salads with fresh fruits.

4. Protein:

Protein is a vital element to maintain the levels of the blood sugar and that indirectly is helpful to lose weight in the abdomen. This can also lower any hunger or cravings. Protein must be consumed with every meal. The best sources of protein are seafood, meat, nuts, seeds, eggs, poultry, legumes, yogurt and cheese.

5. Healthy Fats:

Healthy fats that you can add in the fatty liver diet is found in olive oil,  fish, coconut oil, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seed, raw nuts, and other seeds. Many processed vegetable oil and even margarine tend to worsen the fatty liver. Also, Deep-fried food is considered worst for fatty liver.

I hope you found this article helpful. 

Yours In Wellness,

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