Detox and Degestion Program


Leaky gut or inflammed gut. So many people are struggling with this and don’t even know it. Imagine that the lining of your digestive tract is like a net. The holes let through all the nutrients that your body needs, but with stress and poor eating habits, the holes get large enough to allow microscopic food particles into the blood stream. This is not where they should be and this alerts your immune system, which springs into action. That action can actually be an autoimmune response.

“It all starts with the gut! The ‘Clear the Way’ program is an effective and practical approach to gut health without which, true health is not possible.“ ~#1 New York Times Best Seller Christiane Northrup, M.D. Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Mother Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age.

Clear The Way program is a simply structured program that gently supports the body’s digestion and detoxification.
4 daily steps laid out for you + supplements/nutritional protocol mailed to you + physical and spiritual practices you can use + a trained support team = upping your vibrancy in a truly life-changing way.

The keys are sugar, digestion and detoxification.

The first thing everyone needs to do is stabilize blood sugar throughout the day. If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet “SAD”, then your blood sugar levels have been on a roller coaster ride that causes inflammation and fat storage. The Clear The Way protocol helps you create an eating style that stabilizes your blood sugar.

No matter what diet you are following, it cannot serve you fully unless you are able to absorb the nutrients in it.  Even if you are eating ‘lean, clean and green’ and your blood sugars are steady- if your digestion is weak or if your gut is leaky, you won’t receive the full benefits of your carefully planned meals and snacks.

AND…Even when you are eating lean clean and green, you are exposed to toxins in the environment. All of us need support in ridding the body of these toxins.

The Clear the Way protocol and  5 week online membership program was created to keep your blood sugar stable, support your digestion and enhance your body’s natural ability to detoxify.

There is a team of experts to help you clear and detoxify your thoughts and emotions, too- which is just as important as detoxifying chemicals from your physical body. In the online program you’ll be learning from these experts in yoga, meditation, nutrition, energy healing, hoop dancing and beauty.

As soon as you sign-up for the Clear The Way program, you will receive login information to the online program and your products will be shipped to you.

What’s included?

  • Membership to an online program that will support you for 35 days– including a week of preparation. The online program is in the form of easy-to-access videos, downloadable handouts (including shopping lists, menus and recipes) and audios. ($2,340 retail value if we did this in one-on-one coaching.)
  • Two week’s supply of a YUMMY plant-based, nutritious protein/meal replacement powder. This powder has a low-glycemic index to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and provide sustained energy and greater satiety throughout the day.Fructose free, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian friendly. ($92)
  • Full month’s supply of multivitamin + mineral supplement + Essential Fatty Acid .The entire pack is pharmaceutical-grade (which is an even higher standard than organic), scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.($81 )
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade, milk-free probiotic supplement to support your digestive health.($62 )
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes supplement to support your digestive health(with added artichoke extract for extra antioxidant power)($36 )
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical grade fiber blend that provides 6 grams of dietary fiberto keep things moving along  ($28)
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical grade LIVER DETOX supportto help your body’s detoxifying organ to break down waste products ($35)
  • Access to the Clear the Way online community where you can connect with other people from around the world who are going through the same process you are. This group of like-minded people is supported by the group of wellness coaches who created this program. (priceless!)
  • 30 Days worth of Chef and Dr. Approved Delicious Gluten and Dairy free recipes. (ahh life made easy!)

Total value is $2803 and your cost is only $312!

What does each week involve?

  • Prep Week–  Start preparing, shopping, looking at recipes and weaning off sugar with our Shopping List, 7-Day Schedule, Recipes, How to Prepare Your Pantry, Restaurant Tips and Travel Tips. Begin calming your nervous system and reduce fattening stress hormones with our online Restorative Yoga class.
  • Week 1 – Understanding Digestion and Detoxification – we will be clearing the way by boosting digestion, enhancing absorption and eliminating toxic food and drink. This week you will enjoy 20 minutes of Hatha Yoga for detoxification.
  • Week 2– Now that you have a full week of experience, we explain the “Why” behind Clearing The Way as a lifestyle. You will learn about Proper Supplementation, Inflammation, Exercise and Individual Differences. This week movement treats are Hoop Dancing and Yoga for digestion.
  • Week 3 – There is a saying “It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.” We provide you the tools to clear the way emotionally with journaling, meditation, yoga nidra and guided imagery.
  • Week 4– Your Vibrant Life! We will help you continue to clear the way by detoxifying your environment and your personal care and household products. Plus an added bonus of an intro to radiant, toxin-free skin care.

Daily Clear the Way nutritional protocol:

  • Breakfast: Delicious and Nutritious Detoxifying Smoothie rich infiber and probiotics + AM supplement pack 
  • Lunch: Low glycemic, gluten and dairy free meal + digestive enzyme
  • Dinner: Low glycemic, gluten and dairy free meal + digestive enzyme + PM supplement pack  
  • Bedtime:Liver Support


 Who can do the Clear the Way?

Participants must be at least 18 years old, not pregnant.  The Clear The Way membership program is online, and the Clear The Way products will be delivered to your doorstep.

Why would I need or want to do a cleanse?

Even if we eat the leanest and the greenest, we cannot escape life! We live in a toxic world.  Even with ongoing care, our bodies can accumulate toxins. Toxins come from pesticides, xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones), plastics, pollution, parasites, chemicals (from foods, medicines, surgery, or dental work) and excess stress hormones. When you consider that we are only the 2nd or 3rd generation of humankind to ever live in a world of clogged air, chemicals, and electromagnetic frequencies, to walk on concrete rather than dirt, and to sit all day indoors, it is amazing that we aren’t worse off than we are. 

Are there any “liquid only” days?

You will be using smoothies for breakfast, but the focus is on fresh, whole food.

 Can I lose weight on this program?

Yes. While this isn’t a weight loss-specific program, you will balance your blood sugar and decrease inflammation – which means that your body will be able to adjust to its natural, healthy weight.

 Will I feel hungry on this program

Physical hunger is not part of this program.  If you are physically hungry, you will eat a low-glycemic meal or snack.

What should I expect?

Most of the time, you will feel great. You may have a day or two in the beginning of “detoxing” symptoms, often described as similar to feeling like you are catching the flu. Muscle aches or headache are the most common symptoms, but they are typically short-lived. Your energy will improve, and you will discover many food addictions and possible food allergens that you haven’t previously been aware of. Your digestion will be better, your mood will be lighter, and your head will be clearer.

My weight is where I want it. Should I still do Clear The Way?

Yes, definitely. Even if you are at your ideal weight, your body will benefit tremendously from antioxidant, digestion and detoxification support. 

Do I have to attend the meetings?

No, not at all. It’s best if you can attend the tele-conferences, but it is all recorded so that you can get the most out of the program.

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